Septic System Case Histories & Success Stories

1 July 1984. Garry Root, Saltair, B.C. had four huge soggy spots in his lawn where sewage was pushing up through the plugged field. He was ready to pump his tank and replace his field for a minimum of $5,000.00. We mixed one cup of Biospan, one cup of dog food containing proteins, and two gallons of water in a bucket, covered it, and let it sit overnight so the digestion takes place prior to flushing down the toilet. The problem was solved with $80 worth of Biospan. The soggy spots dried up as the field drain tiles were opened, and waste water seeped into the ground. Odour disappeared in 48 hours and he never pumped his tank or replaced his field. We saved him about $4,900.00.

2. September 1984. Dianne and Lee Spencer, Carnduff, Sask. had a smelly lagoon system on the farm. They have been using Biospan for 6 years and the lagoon is now an odourless liquid pool. Their dog even goes into the lagoon in the summer to cool off, and comes out soaking wet with absolutely no odour.

3. Mr. Hancock, Saltair, has been using Biospan for six years. His septic field is up the mountainside behind his house, so he pumps his effluent up there. He told us that prior to using Biospan, he was pumping sludge, and now he pumps only liquid. He has a little window on his pump, so he can assure himself that it's running and sees what is being pumped. This would mean that using Biospan in city sewers would be easier on lift station pumps.

4. Mrs. Mint Molenaar of Gabriola Island has a rocky waterfront lot with poor percolation, and had company using her outdoor privy as she was concerned about her field being overused. In March of 1990, she purchased Biospan and told me in September that it was the first time in the years since she owned her property that she has ever seen the green strips appear in her field. Biospan has digested the waste in the field drain tiles and put nutrients into the ground, and the grass survives over the pipes, even in the hot summer heat. She also treats her outdoor toilet and there is no odour and no buildup. She'll never have to relocate or dig out her privy.

5. In June 1990, I was called out to Mrs. Callewort's home off Jingle Pot Road in Nanairno. There was raw human waste floating on her lawn in patch about 5' by 15'. It was hot weather, and the odour was very noxious. I asked her to lock up her two dogs, as harmful diseases can be contracted if a dog or cat licks up the effluent and licks a child's or your own face. Hepatitis and typhoid are only a couple of serious diseases that can be contracted from raw sewage. I told Mrs. Callewort she'd need to purchase two containers of Biospan, and put one whole container by lids full in every day until it was gone, and another container for monthly maintenance. I contacted her a month later and she said "Mavis, everything's fine out here; the odour left in two days and the ground is all dried up. I need another container." I told her that I had sold her two, and she replied that she had sold the other container to her parents, who lived nearby and had seen the results. She was very pleased, because Biospan had saved her from replacing her field or pumping the tank, saving her $5000.00 or more.

6. Mr. and Mrs. Welk live on Bell McKennon Road north of Duncan, and they have been using Septix from Owen Sound, Ontario, for two years. Septex contains Biospan - Biotechnology chemicals (calcium hydroxide), and kills the natural bacteria in the tank. He had an easy access to his tank, so we asked him to remove the lid. He did, and there was a strong odour and a 3-inch crust. They purchased Biospan, and within a month the odour was gone and there's lots of digestion of the crust going on in the tank.

7. Mr. and Mrs. Knill of Mill Bay have been using Biospan for twelve years. When they moved to Mill Bay, they had their septic waste backing up into the tub drain - rather a yucky situation to deal with. He brought home Biospan from the hospital kitchen where he was employed (it is used for the grease digestion in the grease traps). After treating drains and toilet for a month, he never had to pump his tank or replace his field. After using Biospan for 10 1/2 years, he said he wanted to look into his tank and see what was in there, as he'd never had a problem while using Biospan. He told me there was no odor and no crust - liquid only in his tank. He has an older system with a grease trap separate from the tank, and he said he's never had to dig it out. We have a picture of them with Biospan and a testimonial letter. This is the best testimonial of all - twelve years of use and liquid only with no odour.

8. We treated a hotel tank and field in Cedar, B.C., for three months and saved the business $12,000 (by not having to replace the field). The owner was going to be closed down by the Health Department before Biospan was used. The inspector waived the field replacement after checking the tank and testing the field.

9. Pat and Jim Burgess live at the comer of Old Chemainus Road and Old Victoria Road. In July of 1990 I sold them Biospan, and they had already dug out their septic tank twice in a month, and were about to replace their plugged field. I asked them to trust me, and told them I could solve their problem for a maximum of $80 compared to $5,000.00 plus. They trusted me, and when I checked with them again, she said that the odour left in two days, and the field was draining fine. Her father-in-law, who lived north of Courtenay, wanted to know where he could get Biospan, so I sold him some also.
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