Test Results
   Lift Stations/Sewage Lines

   Sanitary Sewage Line
   Treatment was initiated April 25, 1991. The condition of the lift station was as such:

  • The pipes and pumps had approximately 1" grease buildup.
  • The walls had approximately 2" to 4" grease buildup.
  • There was floating grease in the wet well approximately 4" to 6" in the form of a mat.

After 7 - 10 days the floating grease mat started to breakup. Pump men were instructed not to clean the pit during the test. Two week later the floating grease mat had vanished, all that was      left was a white foam about a half an inch thick.

The following week the pit was pumped out. The pumps and pipes were very clean (i.e. no     grease). The wall of the pit had a small buildup at the water line which washed off with a                  spray of water. In conclusion we found:

  • The pit below the water line had no grease.
  • There was no floating grease.
  • The walls of the pit had a small buildup at water line of approximately 1" which was easily washed off.
  • The smell was reduced to almost nil.
  • We also think this treatment might have reduced the H2S in the pit, but until a complete test is done this is purely speculation.

   Lift Station and Outgoing Sewage Line
   Canadian Waste Treatment Facility

Monitoring of the project showed a substantial decrease in odours and the grease                           accumulation dropping from 4 feet to less than 6 inches in a 3 week period. Within the same         time frame, the overall biogas production at the waste treatment facility increased                            approximately 30%.

  Water Board

The treatment procedure succeeded in eliminating grease accumulations in all affected SPS's      thereby maintaining thoroughly clean concrete wet well walls and pumps. Pumping stations            which had been treated for about 4 months no longer required manual flushing and cleaning         except in some cases for removal of rags and plastics. These stations were previously                  cleaned every 2 - 3 weeks.


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