DRS Enviro's formulas have been used in both industrial and home septic tank systems.
Formulas will:

  • Clean septic tanks
  • Liquefy organic waste
  • Reduce offensive odors
  • Clean the lines to and from the tank
  • Destroy pathenogenic bacteria
  • Digest solids such as grease, soaps, toilet paper, and cellulose
  • Eliminate digging, plumbing and snaking lines
  • Eliminate pumping tanks and traps
  • Eliminate back-up in lines and drains
  • Eliminate the need to replace drain fields
  • Prevent sewage wastewater from causing environmental pollution of ground water
  • Digest waste in outdoor toilets
  • Liquefy waste in RV holding tanks
  • Uses include: home septic systems, industrial holding facilities, parks and recreational facilities, and commercial establishments.
Septic Tanks
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